Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Danny Hawaii Novel Under Threat Of Self-Combustion

Sounds like a headline, don't it?

The novel has reached 32,000 words and about 120 pages.

As I make my way through it I'm starting to realise that it is probably going to be broken up into two main parts, or two related cases. The first case is fairly well plotted out, but I only have the broad strokes of the second case painted in my notes. The threads that link the two canvases together are also fairly clear in my mind and in my notes.

That's all fine and dandy. I can handle that. That means I'm almost half way there, as I'm looking at about 65,000-75,000 words total.

My problem now is that I find that the further I get into the novel, the more I have to start juggling all the elements and actually doing some research. I may have to revisit my 'Character Connections' flowchart that I drew up a few months ago. Which means that I have to redo it, because it was a total mess.

Still, even as I write this the little gears in my head are ticking away and the background processes of my mind are piecing all the bits together. I am fairly confident that the logic of the plot will make sense and all of it will unravel neatly in the denouement.

For now, it's all a bit messy and sketchy.

Thank [insert deity] for revision!

Danny Hawaii OUT

(wow, is it me I'm writing about, or am I playing the part of a person that's pretending to be me that is writing a novel about a fictional character that's based on the person that's pretending to be me?)