Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Welcome to the brand spankin' new blog, and a very special welcome to those of you who are making the transition from the Danny Hawaii blog.

Have a trawl around the website, add it to your bookmarks or favourites, go all out and make it your home page.

I won't stop you.

In these dark alleys you will find:

  • Smatterings of short fiction
  • News on the progress of the first novel and the trials and tribulations involved with getting it published
  • The biography of me, myself, and I.
And much, much more. Well, maybe a little bit more.

Alright, there's nothing else! Get out of here, you young whippersnappers! Stay out of my rose bushes!


Mary said...

Great to see you defining yourself more as a serious writer. I am really looking forward to reading some more of your work and watching you develop. Cheers!

M said...

Woweeee. This is a very clever layout. Congratulations on moving up. Will spend some time trawling then whippersnappering off.

LeisaB NewMe said...

Congrats on the book, the new site and the DVD. I like both types, country and western. Another blue bros fan. Have fun with the dvd