Saturday, March 18, 2006

Great MacBride And Terrenoire, Batman!

Not one, but two fine bloggers of ill repute (in other words, on my blog links) have been announced as finalists for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers.

One of these is sitting on my bookshelf, calling desperately to me to be read, and the other is either somewhere over the Atlantic or tucked away in a container in Sydney Harbour.

A big round of congratumalations to Stuart MacBride and David Terrenoire.


David Terrenoire said...

It's on the way, Daniel. Now worth an extra two bits at your next yard sale, thanks to ITW.

Sandra Ruttan said...

It's so exciting to see familiar names on the shortlist! Of course, it's just a shame when Stuart and David are up against each other - can we hope for a tie?

Daniel Hatadi said...

David: 2 bits? You're such a computer nerd.

Sandra: It is exciting. Which is strange, because I've never met these people in real life. Ah, the powers of the internet.

Sandra Ruttan said...

It might be easier when you haven't met them.

Since I know Stuart, I was doing cartwheels, and if he doesn't win I'll feel for him, totally.

So imagine how much it'll suck when I've met all the nominees - four times the disappointment for the happiness of one. Ugh.