Monday, July 10, 2006

The Almost Perfect Crime

To slowly reintroduce myself to the blogging world I thought I'd cheat by posting someone else's writing.

Still, it's a cracker of a yarn.


A Coroner’s inquest is due to get underway today into the 15-year-old murder of a man whose body was buried in someone else’s grave in what one detective described as almost the perfect crime.

Rocco Andrew Iaria disappeared in September 1991, just before he was due to go to trail on charges of being involved in a theft of up to $700,000 from a wealthy Victorian tomato farmer.

In February 1998 gravediggers at Pine Lodge near Shepparton reopened a woman’s grave in preparation for the funeral of her husband, who was to be buried with her. In the grave, on top of the woman’s coffin, they found another body sprinkled with lime and wrapped in black plastic.

It was Rocky Iaria. He had been killed with a shotgun blast to the head.



Sandra Ruttan said...

See, that wasn't too painful, was it? I mean the posting, not the shotgun blast.

Glad to see you back Daniel!

Daniel Hatadi said...

Yeah, I'm back in full effect. Got the whole posse in on the score.

Which means I'm writing up a string of posts to let out slowly into the unsuspecting public.

Glad to have you here.

M said...

I am a big fan of David Hughes and intrigued by his crime blog. Some of his posts illicit no response and others hundreds. Sadly his post about Big Brother seemed to draw out the most responses. *shakes head*

Now all we need is a gunshot wound to the back of a turkey slap whilst onboard a cruise ship and he would have it all covered :)

Mel said...

hi,im intrigued to see that you have the story of my cousins murder as your crime blog ...

Daniel Hatadi said...

I mean no disrespect, Mel. I was similarly intrigued by the sheer luck of the discovery. My deepest sympathies for your loss.