Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spam Poetry

Found this at the bottom of an email telling me how I could become my own employer and earn $30 per product shipped. Interesting word choice and rhythm.

bloody-hearted rubber latex Paleo-amerind
pulse-jet engine step turn poplar-covered
field ash nail-headed red-fleshed
guard ship hill station hand-filled
chicken gumbo quasi-grave carriage bow
gold-studded up-bow sign storm-boding
fairy godmother ivory cutter printing-in
vine fretter north-countriness saddle cutter

It speaks for itself, doesn't it?


Jeroen said...

Hehe, try getting your spam filter to reject that! :)

Stephen Blackmoore said...

"bloody-hearted rubber latex Paleo-amerind"

I dated one of those once. I was young and it was Hollywood.

jamie ford said...

Yee Haw. Whatever it is, sign me up.

Cath said...

I get lots of spam stories. This was at the bottom of yet another penis enlargement email:

I know she did."Folks, Sheldon has performed heroically today, but this has got to be his last shot.
Paul sat quietly, a steno pad of his own on his lap (he had finished the last legal pad the previous evening), and listened to Annie's voice as she made a statement which consisted of all the things she had told David and Goliath four days ago.

I tell you what to do. He also saw gooey splatters of food on the housecoat, and she had only managed to get on one of her slippers.
The legs themselves meandered strangely up to his knees, turning outward here, jagging inward there.