Monday, September 25, 2006

World Peace

Damn it. I was supposed to post something really silly today. Instead I wrote this half-baked 'Save The World' poem in a fit of self-righteousness, prompted by the complete lack of media coverage for the International Day Of Peace, which I also happened to ignore.


I don't care what your religion is
As long as you
Never kill another human being

I don't care what your beliefs are
As long as you
Don't impose them on others

I don't care if you're offended
As long as you
Know you are no more important than anyone else

I don't care who you are
Come have a beer with me


Anonymous said...

Love it and to think that "I don't care" featured in your piece so many times! Now you can't hassle me for always saying it :-P

Daniel Hatadi said...

Who do you think my muse is?

Jeroen said...

"I don't care", my favourite phrase!

As in: "I don't care you flooded the unit, just fix it."


Media is not interesyed in peace, doesn't sell enough dead tree.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Jeroen + Beer = Disaster Of Muppet-Like Proportions

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Great poem, Daniel.

Sandra Ruttan said...

You seem to be on a bit of a crusade...

Daniel Hatadi said...

Thanks muchly, Rob.

And Sandra, I think it might be out of my system for now.

Or not.

M said...

I'll have a beer with you. If mine can be a bourbon. Or a bacardi breezer... It is Spring you know.

Happy International Life of Peace to you x

JamesO said...

Nice one Daniel. Next time I'm in Sydney I might take you up on that one.

Daniel Hatadi said...

M, James, let's drink!

And it doesn't have to be beer, the word just worked well for the poem.

jamie ford said...

Peace, braddah...