Monday, August 06, 2007

Coming Out Of Hibernation

Every so often I find myself going through a bout of solitude. This has been happening for the last couple of months, possibly brought on by an abnormally cold Sydney winter and probably compounded by the re-entry into my life of copious amounts of caffeine.

Yes, I'm quitting it again.

During my hibernation I didn't spend a lot of time on the Internet, aside from keeping a watchful eye on Crimespace, but I also found myself not being much of a social animal in the real world.

Maybe it's the return of sunlight, or maybe I've had my fill of creative solitude, but this weekend I felt a shift back to normality. Evidence of this is clear: I actually enjoyed going to a party and sucking down cocktails. On top of that, I'm writing this post.

Solitude's been great, though. I obsessed over the love I'd thrown away: music. I researched lots of new audio gear and was blown away by how much everything's progressed since I left it all behind a few years ago.

For those that might find it interesting, I have a new soundcard, microphone, preamp (complete with tubes), guitar pedal, keyboard, and a couple of programs. Maybe that's a lot of money spent on what is just a hobby, but it's no more expensive than a decent digital camera.

And whenever I look at all that music making gear set up neatly in my 'studio', I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Or it could be just the heat coming off all the equipment.

Either way, I'm back.


Christa M. Miller said...

Welcome back, Daniel! I knew you were busy with work but didn't realize it went deeper than that. What kind of music are you playing? Rock, blues, fusion? How do you find it affects your writing?

Daniel Hatadi said...

Us creative types tend towards varying cycles of activity it seems. Well, at least I do.

The stuff I play is rock and blues based, but incorporated with modern beats. You could say a fusion of the old and the new.

I did a bunch of songs some time ago, but at the moment I'm heading in a new direction and I'm not sure exactly where that is.

But it's a heck of a lot of fun just doing it, without the pressure of any kind of goal.

How's your zombie work going?

Christa M. Miller said...

I know just what you mean about just doing it, no goal. I sometimes wonder why I want to get my novels published so badly - I know it will take some of the fun out of it. I hope I can avoid "branding" just so I can do what I want but... probably not, knowing what I know about the industry (which isn't much). We'll see.

Please keep us updated on the music if you want - sounds like the kind of thing Rain Dog and I would enjoy.

The zombies are on hold right now. I still have to work on your comments for that one story and then there are two others waiting in the wings for revisions... after I deal with the stuff I have pipelined for publication. Sigh! Thanks for asking, though.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Nice to hear your voice. I was worried you had been subsumed by crimespace duties.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Good luck with everything, Christa, and I'll be happy to look at more whenever you're ready.

Don't worry, Patti. Crimespace is far less work than it seems.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I just went by crimespace, Daniel! I've been pretty out of it all summer.

Madón! The place is ENORMOUS. Good show.

And you're a musician? So many writers have other talents. Not me. I write.

And I chauffeur.

And...that's about it. So let's add 'and I'm a total bore' to the list.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Out of it all summer? Hopped up on goof balls? :) No, I know you've been travelling, etc.

Thanks for the compliments. Here's one back at ya: YOU ROCK!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Sometimes (believe it or not) I like taking a break from everything. Nice to have you back, though.

angie said...

Yep, a break every now and then is vital. How very, very cool that you're getting back into your music. Have fun & it's great to see ya back!

ERiCA said...

And whenever I look at all that music making gear set up neatly in my 'studio', I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Or it could be just the heat coming off all the equipment.

LOL. That's pretty cool.

I became a landowner in November, and ever since I moved into my house, my guitar has been in a closet. (For shame, right?)

I *could* say this is because I loaned my amp and spare guitar to a friend who wanted to learn how to play, but really it's because I have nobody to play with now that I live 1000 from where I used to be in a garage band. (Okay, basement band. Whatever.)

I have been writing, though, so I guess that's a good thing...

Erica <-- wishing you the best of luck with both the music and the words!

Jamie Ford said...

Welcome back, Daniel! It's always good to take a break. I justify it by feeding my brain all kinds of stimuli--movies, music, theatre. On more recently--marathon binges of 24!

Daniel Hatadi said...

Thanks, Erica and Jamie. As you can see in my next post, I've also moved back to the joys of computer gaming too.

Ah, the fun just never stops!