Monday, December 17, 2007

Looks Like I Voted For The Right Guy

From The Australian:

Rudd to reward Aussie writers

AUSTRALIAN writers will from next year vie for one of the world's richest prizes with the Rudd Government to unveil the Prime Minister's Literary Prize for fiction and non-fiction books.

In a bold and affirming cultural statement, the annual awards will have just two categories: published fiction book of the year, and published non-fiction book of the year. Each prize is worth $100,000, tax-free, with a further $100,000 to be spent each year on promoting and administering the awards.


Linda L. Richards said...

Now, clearly, I know nothing about Australian politcs. Less than nothing. But that photo looks very familiar to me. Why on Earth would that be?

Daniel Hatadi said...

There's always a madness to my method. Every move I make is cold and calculated.

Tee hee!