Friday, February 01, 2008

Spinetingler Awards For 2007

Spinetingler Magazine has announced its new set of awards, the Spinetinglers, for 2007. So run over and check out the list of winners and nominees, as well as the latest issue of Spinetingler, and have a gander at Sandra Ruttan's new crime fiction conglomerate, At Central Booking.

Since this is an online award, in lieu of a physical award ceremony, I am happy to accept the award for Special Services To The Industry, for my work at Crimespace.

After stumbling up towards the stage, clutching the award in my hands, and tapping on the microphone (creating a flurry of feedback), I will now thank the people who helped me.

Sandra Ruttan, for running the awards as well as helping to give Crimespace the push start it needed. Also, Stephen Blackmoore, Christa M. Miller, Angie Johnson-Schmit, Bill Crider, Anne Frasier, Karen Chisolm, M. G. Tarquini, Patricia Abbott, and John Rickards were all a great help in the early days of Crimespace. Whether they provided content in the shape of interesting forum topics or gave helpful feedback, they set the tone that the community would follow.

I'd also like to especially thank my friend Robert Sakaluk, whose super-hardcore Illustrator skills gave me the logo in its present form.

And then there's the fine people at Ning: Gina, Phil and Athena especially, who have all contributed to making Ning a seriously major league service that still feels like a grassroots operation.

Many thanks also to all of the 1200 or so members that have joined up since March 2007 and made Crimespace such a great community.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Mary, for putting up with my Crimespace-related insanities.

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Actually, there is a physical award. But they may not be actually ready to ship out for another few weeks. I'm a bit nervous about shipping you a crystal plaque, though.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Oh wow, cool!

I'm a pretty global shopper and have never had trouble getting stuff shipped here.

So, no worries.

angie said...

Yay, Daniel! And you misspelled my name, dude. =(

Just kidding, lots o' peeps do that. There's, ah, no 'd' in Schmit, y'know.

But yay, Daniel! It's so cool that all your hard work and perversely positive attitude have been recognized by your peers!

Christa M. Miller said...

Riding on Angie's coattails, my middle initial isn't "D" either. What's the deal? Are you trying to assimilate us all?? I mean, I'm flattered and all, but I've just never seen myself as a "Christa Danielle." Y'know.

Oh, and thanks back to you. :) Crimespace kicks serious ass, and so do you for working so hard on it - along with all your other responsibilities. You rock!

Daniel Hatadi said...

See, I was so flustered by the award ceremony that I decided everyone needed more Ds in their names. I mean, everyone's like me, right?

(damn, I can't believe I stuffed up like that--twice!)

It's all fixed now. Thanks guys. :)

Christa M. Miller said...

ROFL! I'll blame it on the sleep deprivation. :)

pattinase (abbott) said...

Daniel-I don't know how you keep it up there. No, not that. This.
It's the three apples in the air with a sword thrown in. Many congrats to one of the selfless ones.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Thanks, Patti. It definitely helps working in an office with internet access.

But I didn't tell you that.

rand(om) bites said...

Pretty good going! x