Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

Bagley tagged me with this one. I ain't tagging anyone else. Yes, I'm a rebel without a cause, without a pause, without drawers?

  1. When I was sixteen, I fell in love with the saxophone. Because I couldn't afford one, I bought a harmonica instead. I've been playing ever since.
  2. For one whole year in high school, I only wore red socks. Yes, with other clothes. Quiet, you in the back.
  3. My biggest fear is an almost indescribable feeling of being turned inside-out in more than three dimensions.
  4. I can flare my nostrils on cue. Hey, not everyone can.
  5. My cat's name is Dax. He's a moggie, but mostly Russian Blue with a touch of Oriental.
  6. I was on Facebook for a while until it gave me the shits. So I removed myself. My digestion improved immediately.


spyscribbler said...

Dax? Dax? Like, Star Trek DS9 Dax?

My cat is named Ezri Dax. :-) Dax was the coolest.

I love Facebook. People play Scrabulous with me, there.

Jamie Ford said...

Hey Daniel, Congrats! I just saw your name on the list of notable online stories of 2007!

Daniel Hatadi said...

Got in one, spyscribbler. That's the right Dax, but I didn't include a first name because cats have nine lives.

Thanks for letting me know, Jamie. I had no idea. Good thing the story's getting published. :)