Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Down In The Hole

You may be wondering about the recent title changes to this blog.

I decided that Daniel Hatadi - Crime Writer was just plain boring, and Crime Writer Down Under was too self-consciously Australian and generic.

So I thought about picking a song title from my favourite artist of all time, Tom Waits.

I remember turning the telly to SBS one lonely Saturday night, only to be confronted by a madman preacher, shouting what could have been obscenities into a megaphone. The song, I found out weeks later, was called Way Down In The Hole. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Removing 'Way' makes the title catchier, and saves me from legal issues. Down In The Hole also has the added benefit of a subliminal link to Australia, the Land Down Under.

To mark the naming of the blog, I wrote a short ode to Tom Waits, called (you guessed it), Down In The Hole. It's over in the fiction section.

Give it a read and tell me what you think.

EDIT: I've changed the names and some of the lines in the story to make it my own. I seriously respect copyright, and I realised I was basically stealing someone else's characters. Not good. So, it's fixed.


M said...

Now that I have followed all the links and understand a little more about the origin of the story, it all seems to make more sense. It's good :D

Daniel Hatadi said...

I made a few tweaks after your feedback. Thanks again for that.

Now back to the real work of writing: procrastination.

Anonymous said...

The descriptive writing is very good - I could see the pictures - but the plot weave lacked a dynamic and was rather stiff. The detectives came over in caricature.
(This my personal comment not criticism)