Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Life As A Writer: Day 3

The first day was a write-off. The second, far better. I actually got some writing done and didn't play a lot of Xbox.

Now into the third day, I'm making breakthroughs. In total I've only written about five hundred words in the last two days, but the important thing is that those words were the ones I wanted.

I've really been struggling with my Debut Dagger entry for the past few weeks, probably a side-affect of the changes going on in my life. But a lot of those problems were from not knowing my characters well enough, so over those weeks I wrote some more useful notes on the most important characters. Now I have a clearer idea of how they will respond in any given situation.

So even though I didn't get down a lot of words, those words are important and useful, and shall make the production of further words less of a chore.

Today was also a day of errands, or more to the point, errand. I went on a journey into the bowels of Erskineville Oval to get to the fabled Locksmith Near The Pub. Confronted with a wall of blank keys but not a person in sight, I was tempted to jump the counter and copy the front door key myself.

Before I made my move, a young man in a dark blue apron came out, wiping his mouth and chewing. That was when I realised what time it was: lunchtime. Now that I'm living a nomadic existence in the streams of time, I am no longer acquainted with the customs of the average human. Watches, mobile phones, televisions, these things mean nothing to me.

But the internet, my laptop, and (cough) my Xbox, these are now my world. And I hear them calling to me now, almost like pipes might call to someone called Danny Boy.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Well, maybe your character can work out their problems playing Xbox, the way Rebus mulls while drinking and listening to Jackie Leven.

Then the Xbox is both research and a business expense.

You have to be a woman to be that devious. (Ducks)

Great to hear you're making progress.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I wonder if Daniel died on Day 4?

Or he got sucked into the Xbox and can't get out...

(I hope this means you're working hard on your Dagger entry!)

Daniel Hatadi said...

I didn't die on Day 4, but I did work. my Dagger entry is SO close, but still needs that final tweak. And I have an article for Crimespree that I've been working on too.

But on Day 5, I partied. So Day 6 was struck from the record, and Day 7 is shaping a little slowly.