Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Power Of The Beard

See, there's this guy what I know cause I found out about him on the in-nerd-net. He's beardy, but unlike Stephen King, he's not a writer, he's a write-ist.

That's right. I'm talking about the one and only Stuart MacBride, author of Cold Granite and now Dying Light. He's a brilliant crime writer, sorry, write-ist, but absolutely terrible as a weatherman.

Why is this you say?

Well, he accused me of being a freak driven out from under a rock by the heat of summer. Maybe in your part of the world, Jack, but down under, it's winter. Even though scantily clad girls in bikinis are telling the rest of the world to get the bloody hell down here, the cold granite reality is that our nipples are rock solid from the cold, just begging to have things hung from them.

Did I type that or just think it?


This is what I get for madly sending him my photo.

Oh well, anything for a bit of linkage.

Cheers, Stuart.


Stuart MacBride said...

Ah, yes, but it's sunny up here on the top side of the world, therefore the freak-magnetism is at its greatest.

Anyway I didn't accuse you of freakage. I merely implied it... ;}#

And you just had to get nipples into it, didn't you?

Daniel Hatadi said...

You had to bring science into it, didn't you?

But you must allow me some poetic license in my use of the word 'accuse'. It's much more clickable than 'mention'.

Thanks for my day of Beardy World fame.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Beardy World? He's got a theme park, now? Dear god, what is this world turning to? I'm afraid to ask what the rides are.

Stuart MacBride said...

They involve cheesy sausages Stephen...