Thursday, November 09, 2006

NaNoWriMo: Music

I've been building playlists to keep me company through the month of November, and I thought I'd share a few select tracks. I gave myself a limit of one song per artist because I am nothing without some form of denial.


Rage Against The Machine: War Within A Breath
P.J. Harvey: Me-Jane
The Black Keys: Just Got To Be
Gogol Bordello: Not A Crime
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: Got A Thing On My Mind

RATM and Gogol Bordello are great songs for the shower, although you have to watch out not to bang the shower head. Sharon Jones never fails to make me move my ass. Usually that means a trip to get more coffee, but hey, at least it's movement.


Portishead: Elysium
Radiohead: Remyxomatosis (Cristian Vogel Remix)
Martina Topley-Bird: Too Tough To Die
Tom Waits: Make It Rain
Skip James: Devil Got My Woman

Elysium is the song that sets the mood I'm trying to achieve for the entire novel, while Devil Got My Woman helps me get all old-timey for my 'dream sequences' set in the past.


The Kinks: This Time Tomorrow
Las Pesadillas: Everybody Died But Me
Mouse On Mars: Papa, Antoine
Moloko: Being Is Bewildering
The Finn Brothers: Gentle Hum

When you've got a billion ideas swirling around in your brain, there's nothing like some chill-out tunes to slow down the pace. Papa, Antoine's the clear winner for me: It's like the closing hours of a Tiki bar on a space station.


Stephen Blackmoore said...

For me I can't have any music with words when I write. Meditation music, or some ambient trance works a treat.

At the moment I've got Shpongle and the soundtrack to The Passion of The Christ going through my headphones.

Music for inspiration is a different matter, though. I pull together a playlist that includes music for all the characters or themes in the story. Helps me maintain focus.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Actually, I only listen to music to set a mood in my head before I start writing. Sometimes, if I feel I'm losing track of that mood, I'll recharge it with a few seconds of play.

I just wanted all the headings to end with 'to'. :)


I'll have to look them up, if only because of the name.

Steven said...

I also can't write with music with words. Luckily, I'm a classical music fan.

I don't think I've heard any of the songs you listed. In fact, I think I've only heard OF Tom Waits. The name seems familiar.

Daniel Hatadi said...

You might have heard Sharon Jones in a TV ad for Boost chocolate bars. It's the one where the guy with an absolutely huge afro wants a haircut.

I did pick the more obscure songs, but surely you've heard of Radiohead, Portishead, RATM, Moloko?

As a crime writer, I say make it your mission to sort yourself out with some Tom Waits, the favourite muso of Ray Banks, Ken Bruen and me. I think.

angie said...

I'm pretty much with Stephen on this one. I have a playlist that I listen to when I'm not writing that's all about mindset. It's kinda funny - I'm listening to all the hardcore rap & hip-hop that I'd make the kids at the res. treatment center I worked at last year turn off. But I'm writing an ultra-gritty YA & so it's really helpful.

OTOH, I usually don't listen to music with words when I'm writing this story. Mostly not even "real" music (ambient sounds, nature recordings, etc.). Good grief, the mind games I play with myself.

Love Gogol Bordello & P.J. Harvey. And who the hell doesn't wanna be Tom Waits when they grow up?! He's a freakin' genius!

Daniel Hatadi said...

I just looked up that Boost ad, and it looks like it's only in Australia. Damn, it's a very cool ad.

Angie, I want to become Tom Waits without growing up, which is pretty much how he did it.

Stuart MacBride said...

I have words with music while I write - I also find that if I'm doing an action sequence something with a good upbeat tempo helps it go with a bang.

Editing music, on the other hand, has to be without words, or it all goes to rat-shit.

Daniel Hatadi said...

I tried something up-tempo while writing the other night, a bit of fast and heavy DnB by Dieselboy. Definitely got the blood moving.

Sorry, shouldn't remind you about blood.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Wow, look at you! 15,000 words done! And here I thought the blog posts were part of the procrastination - you rock!

Daniel Hatadi said...

Cheers, Sandra. I think my Inner Editor may never return...