Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh, So NOW It's In Fashion

Went to the exhibition over a year ago, bought the book around the same time, love to sniff through the pages every so often. Even spent the last six months writing most of a novel inspired by the photos, but now that Peter Doyle's CITY OF SHADOWS has been published overseas I really did need someone like Karl Lagerfeld to tell me the book was good.

Amazing what passes for news these days. If fame, fortune or good looks aren't attached to something, it's as if it isn't even valid.

Article and photo from the Sydney Morning Herald


Sandra Ruttan said...

Fame, fortune and good looks can be attached to me any time.

Blogger still won't let me sign in, frickin' thing.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Frickin blogger, needs more lasers.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Of course it's not valid unless it's beautiful. Jeez, man. Get with the program.

I wonder sometimes if there's a critical mass for ideas. My impression has been that noir has taken off in the last few years, not necessarily because one book stood out among the rest, but because enough people turned their attention to it at the right time to make it happen.

Same thing with inventions, or when multiple movies of the same theme seem to come out at the same time.

I think the same thing is happening here, you're just watching it as it occurs. I've seen two, maybe three mugshot photo books appear in the last year to critical acclaim.

Is it any wonder that someone influential (at least influential to a certain segment) is going to mention one of them? Especially given the popularity of crime fiction these days.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Oh great, just go ahead and come up with a sensible, well thought out response. I suppose mugshots are your thing, then?

Actually, it's not a bad idea for that article to have appeared in the fashion section rather than in books. Gives it some juice to open up to a wider audience.

Health Bites said...

So who's Karl Lagerfield then? ;-) Must be important. He looks like a clone of a wax freak! Gotta love the news these days. Giving it to the people like it means something but of course, if it opens something historical like the "City of Shadows" up to a wider audience...