Monday, October 17, 2005

Abbeys: Crime Fiction Capital of Sydney

I simply cannot believe that I haven't checked this bookstore out before. Living in Sydney for most of my life made me aware of it, but I only went in once to get a language book, many moons ago.

Saturday changed everything. I now have a new favourite haunt.

Abbeys Bookshop.

It has the best collection of crime and true crime novels in Sydney I've found so far. Authors that I previously would have had to order through Amazon are right there on the shelves in front of me. They even put out a monthly 'Crime Chronicle', a newsletter with blurbs on the latest and greatest.

I stumbled around, eyes glazed over, on a bookish high. When I saw the NEW CRIME section, I felt like I'd come home.

While systematically checking each section nearby, I got a big old smile on my face at this:

Then, my fantasies started playing out. Where would my book be on the shelf? Between which two authors does my name reside?

So if you're ever in the City Of Sydney, pop on over to York Street, just behind the Queen Victoria Building, and look out for the guy with the beanie.

Just don't punch me, okay? Just because I write crime doesn't mean I'm tough.


shyloh said...

AWEEE what a nice post. I really do wish you the best. Keep dreaming, dreams do come true.

Nice bookstore, lots of crime books.

M said...

You know I don't work that far from there. I may just have to wander over and check it out.