Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Covet Not Thy Cover

I'm right in the thick of my first-pass revision of the novel. The idea is to clean up the current prose so that when I come back to it after a month's break, it'll be a bearable read. Then I can look at the Big Picture and see how to improve the novel.

This can get pretty boring.

As a distraction, I've spent time dreaming of fame and fortune. One way of playing out my fantasies is to imagine what my book covers will look like. Today, instead of imagining, I tried my hand at book cover design. Here are a couple of the results:

If you want to see some examples of book covers done right, complete with critiques, have a look-see over at Most Coveted Covers.


M said...

Great link. Your cover will one day be discussed in equally glowing praise.

I prefer the first one. The second one is very James Bondish. *scottish accent* Hawaii. Danny Hawaii. Maybe it works :)

Who would play Danny Hawaii in a movie role?

Daniel Hatadi said...

I'm just playing with the covers. Everything I've read tells me that a first time novelist doesn't have much control over book cover designs.