Monday, October 10, 2005


I finished my first draft a few weeks ago, and since then I've spent every lunch hour, evening, and weekend on doing a first pass revision of the whole damn thing.

A few minutes ago, I finished.

It's a temporary satisfaction at best, but I still feel somewhat sad. I've lived with my characters and the story for just over the last year, and now I'm telling them I'm going to leave them alone for a month. They're sad too. I will be back though, soon, and there will be lots more work to do.

It would be much easier to take a memory forgetfulness pill and get right back into it, but hey, those things aren't without side effects, so I'll do it the natural way.

By just waiting.




shyloh said...

I wish you all the luck in the world with your writing. Sometimes it can be difficult. But it is all in the fun of doing it. And when you are done. AWEEE you are complete.

I followed a link here.


M said...

You seem like the patient sort of guy too ;)

Perhaps a short story is in order

Daniel Hatadi said...

I've got two short stories that I want to finish by the end of the month for a couple of competitions. You know too much. Now I must kill you.