Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Five Year Plan

I've always heard of people having five year plans. It's a question that gets asked in most job interviews and it's one that I don't usually have an answer for. It's the nature of us creative types, always looking for the next Big Idea.

Rather than flounder around for the next few years, I thought I'd try coming up with a Five Year Plan myself. I'm pretty sure that if I use lots of Capital Letters, I should be able to make all of this A Reality.

The plan took about five seconds to come up with. It's pretty straightforward. Every year, write a novel, submit the previous year's novel, and make sure the novel before that gets published. I can't predict sales figures, but three novels out in the bookstores should allow me turn a living.

I hope.

And that is my goal. The goal of my Five Year Plan.

Earn a living as a writer.


Year 1 (2005):
Finish first novel.

Year 2 (2006):
Finish second novel.
Get first novel on the way to publishing.

Year 3 (2007):
Finish third novel.
Publish first novel.
Get second novel on the way to publishing.

Year 4 (2008):
Finish fourth novel.
Publish second novel.
Get third novel on the way to publishing.

Year 5 (2009):
Finish fifth novel.
Publish third novel.
Get fourth novel on the way to publishing.
Become a full time writer.


Mary said...

The concept of a 5 year plan is interesting. I remember being asked this a few years ago, around the time my ex found out he had cancer. You know what I said, I rather like to look at life as day to day and do the best I can each day. I think I still kind of think that way now.

But in saying that and knowing you, I think a 5 year plan is great. It helps to have a plan so you achieve the best you can...more often. Keep up the great work! You have a great work ethic.

Daniel Hatadi said...

It's only a plan for my writing. Who knows what will life will do to me otherwise? And who knows where we'll be living? ;P