Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Great Linkage Experiment

That wacky and zany writer of alcoholic adventures, J. A. Konrath told the world to Get Off Your Ass And Do Something. In the last few days, I've taken the message to heart, especially the bit about internet presence.

Over the last year I was spreading my energies too thinly. I had a Danny Hawaii blog and a food photo experiment called Food What I Ate. Don't bother looking for them because they've both been deleted. Now I've cut down to one blog, and if people are going to read it, I need to get them here. This is what's happened so far in that regard:

  • I asked for a link exchange with Konrath himself. And he did it. He's a man of his word.
  • I also figured if Rickards links to me, why can't his American counterpart, Bryon? I mean, they're almost exactly the same, except one likes weasels and banana paste and the other likes rubber chickens with peanut butter. Bryon was up for it too.
  • Tribe went ahead and linked to me without my asking. So did Jennifer. Now there's a polite bloke and blokette.
  • I've been linking to an excellent website called the Australian Crime Fiction Database for a while now. The creator himself emailed me to thank me for linking, and he's returned the favour. So now I'm between the sheets with authors like Peter Corris and Gabrielle Lord (with Tara Moss in the corner, watching us).
Thanks to all of you for the linkage.

EDIT: Aldo, Gerald, and Tania have joined the hordes. Cheers, guys.


M said...

I have heard that about Tara :D

Aldo said...

OK dude, I got you covered too!

Daniel Hatadi said...

Cheers, Aldo. Right back at ya.

And ... M's back!

Bryon Quertermous said...

Compare me to Rickards one more time and Im using you email to sign you up for tons of email porn spam...well all the kinds you dont already get of course.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Hook, line, and sinker!

Alright, that was the first and last time. I've got enough porn as it is.