Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Over at Lee Goldberg's blog, there's a post on where we write. It's spreading like smooth peanut butter across the writing blogosphere, so being the tribal animal I am, here's my contribution:

Do I need two computers to write? No. One is for games and music, hence those pretty purple cones. Yes, I'm having breakfast, and yes, Mr. Potato Head is always watching over me, making sure I'm keeping it clean and drug-free for the kiddies.

My room's somewhat cramped, so a panaromic view isn't possible, which means my bookshelf and rack of guitars need special attention. The piles of paper on top of books combine to make up the first draft of my novel.

And for the final piece we have Workspace: The Noir Years (see if you can spot the rubber chicken).


Tribe said...

Good meme, dude. I'm gonna steal it.

Mary said...

I'm gonna steal it too...

Bryon Quertermous said...

I'd rather steal your guitars. And your rubber chicken.

Daniel Hatadi said...

What is it about crime writing that makes people want to, like, steal stuff?

And Bryon, peanut butter and rubber chickens are known to be fatal, even in small quantities.

So play it safe. Use protection.