Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vote For Me

About a month ago, Paul Guyot of Inkslinger fame, issued a storytelling challenge to the blogging world: write a short story that included at least a mention of both an armored car and kids clothing. I prefer armoured, but that didn't stop me entering the contest.

There's eleven stories, one of which is mine, but I won't tell you which. If I win this thing, it's going to be legit. So rush over, read all the stories, and send your votes in. You have till the 24th of Jan.

Here are the relevant links:

The Background

The Contest

EDIT: Some of you reported problems with accessing the site. Try again, it's all hunky-dory now.


James Lincoln Warren said...

I've already voted. I know you didn't write the one I did, since I remember writing it and it would be way too much of a coincidence if we both wrote the same story. But not impossible: I understand it happens in Hollywood all the time.

So my question is, is yours the one in the present tense of the one without punctuation? I didn't write either one of those, either.


James Lincoln Warren said...

Oops. I meant "OR the one without punctuation".


Daniel Hatadi said...

Nah, mine was the one in second person, future perfect tense. ;)

M said...

I am so glad your name is not Horace. Otherwise you would not have been able to enter.

What great stories.

Hope you win a cool t-shirt :D

Mary said...

Can I vote? Maybe not, I know which is yours. GOOD LUCK!!

Catesa said...

I voted too, a few good stories there! Hope you win!!

A Girl Running said...

I want to read and vote but when I click on the link it says I need a password and am not authorised...can let me know what i am doing wrong please

Mary said...

The link's not working for me either now??

Daniel Hatadi said...

Not sure what's wrong. The link is right, but it looks like the whole site is down.

Catesa said...

Do we find out who wins on the 24th or is that just when voting ends?? impatient, who me? nah but the 24th IS practically forever from today :)

Daniel Hatadi said...

I know this doesn't help much, but we find out some time after the 24th: when Mr. Guyot can be bothered to tally it all up.

I'm trying to pretend it all never happened for a week or so. I think that'll get me through.