Friday, February 10, 2006

100th Post: A Weekday In The Life

I threw this one together on the Mystery Circus, but seeing as it's my 100th post and all, it seems fitting to duplicate it here.

This one goes out to the three other people that didn't read it at the Circus.

8am: My alarm goes off. Wake up, go downstairs, feed cats, assemble cup of tea and bowl of muesli.
8:15am: Eat breakfast, wait for tea to brew, check email/Bloglines/MWF/Circus
8:20am: Drink tea, controlled dosage of caffeine enters system, fart around on the net some more. Almost awake now.
8:40am: Shit, shower, shave. Wakefulness achieved.
9:00am: Get on bicycle, ride to work.
9:20am: Arrive at work, net-ercise some more, figure out what work I have to do.
9:40am-12pm: Program them damn poker machines. This does not involve the use of a Poker Utility Belt.
12pm-1pm: Grab some lunch from downstairs, open laptop, write for an hour or so. Failing that, stare at outline of novel or short story until I give up. Yes, I outline my shorts.
1pm-5:30pm: Do more poker machine programming. Fit in some net fun along the way whenever I have to wait a few minutes for something to finish.
5:30pm: Ride home. Try not to get run over.
5:55pm: Tell the microwave to cook dinner, or call up a Thai restaurant to do the same, then eat.
6:30pm: Neighbours is on--I find absolutely anything else to do.
7pm-9pm: Muck around. Seriously.
9pm-10:30pm: Try that whole writing thing again, or read cool, hard-ass noirish shit, like Jim Thompson or one of the Peters (Corris, Temple, Doyle).
11pm-1am: Try to sleep.

Weekends that don't involve social obligations are similar, but work is replaced by shopping, there's no writing done at lunch, and time is usually found for a movie.

Far too much of this is done under the influence of sleep deprivation.

Reason? I don't sleep so good. :(


Sandra Ruttan said...

You count your posts?

How much time does that take in your schedule?

Daniel Hatadi said...

When I went in to the blogger dashboard, it said 99 posts. So ... it didn't take too long to figure out.

But boy, my fingers were sore afterwards.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Sometimes the comments are a bit wacky. I get ones that never show up on my site, ones are on my site that never emailed through, and sometimes I get an email, go to the site and post a response, and my response is posted ahead of the comment I'm responding to.

Blogger sure knows how to keep us guessing!

Daniel Hatadi said...

For some reason, if the second comment was posted by me, it wouldn't show up in the drop down list, but would show up if you go to post a comment.

Sounds like a bug.

This is a job for Super Bee!

M said...

Whoooo Hoooo 100 posts. Congratulations on such a milestone. Love the S,S,S routine. Mine is the same except replace one S with Scream. Not sure which one??

Can you program a machine to win if I play on it? Could you teach me how to play on it? Could I be the only person in the world who has never played on a pokie machine? Way way too many questions.

Daniel Hatadi said...

I CAN answer all these questions, but there's a slight downside.

Once I told you, I'd have to kill you. And myself. And anyone else within a 100km radius. And if I mess that order up, well, it all goes to Hell in a handbasket.