Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Third Draft Begins

By the time I get to my tenth novel, the beginning of the third draft will probably be just another day at work. Until then, it feels like something momentous, an occasion worthy of marking.

The manuscript was hidden in the corner of my room for the better part of a month. I contented myself with trudging through a short story I've been working on for a while, as well as playing around with possible back cover blurbs.

Over the last week, I thought a lot about the next steps to take.

I strongly felt the need for external input and it was important that the input be from a voice of experience. I really wasn't sure where that voice would come from, but I was lucky enough to have the talented and multi-published author, Steven Torres of Precinct Puerto Rico fame, look over a few chapters of my work.

He tore it to shreds.

Okay, that's being dramatic. But I definitely had a sense of the need to bring my work up to the next level, and this was just the push I needed. It felt good to be looking at the earlier chapters again, reading them out loud to get the flow right, removing as many uses of the word 'I' as ... I can, tweaking, trimming, and killing.

Debut Dagger, here I come.


Mary said...

It was definitely interesting to see how you would take criticism. I think you did really well and took it on board professionally. Can't wait to read the final draft!

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Hell, I can't wait to read the published book.

Glad to hear you got a good critique from a source you trust. Not easy to find.

It's never easy to hear that what you wrote isn't quite as strong as you wanted it to be. I work with a writer's group and I know I need to just shut up and take it all in the minute I start trying to defend it.

But hey, this is how we get to be better writers, right?

Sandra Ruttan said...

Good for you Daniel!

Amateurs want praise.

Writers want constructive feedback.

The time to address the glitches is before the reviews come out when your book is on the shelves. It stings, but it's also the best way to learn.

M said...

WOW 3rd draft. That's one draft closer to being able to buy it at Dymocks - so hurry!!!! :D