Thursday, February 09, 2006

Roll Up, Roll Up!

The circus has come to town! It's a forum, it's an ezine, it's yet another hub in the dark world of mystery.

It cleans, it strengthens, it lengthens. It removes vomit and other household stains.

It's a shoe polish, a floor wax, an anal loosener; it's a monkey's best meal, and it comes FREE, this month only, with every vacuum cleaner bag purchased at the store.

Roll up for the Mystery Circus now!

The Circus is a gripping tale that takes you into the dark and violent heart of obsession.
- Michael Connelly

Rickards contacted me about writing a blurb for him, but I decided to go the whole hog and make my own circus. Look for it, this Fall.
- Stephen King

The Mystery Circus is a tour de force! It's a chase story, an allegory, and a brilliant riff on language. It's the future of dark entertainment.
- James Ellroy

Jaysus fuck, that ringleader has the best coke in town.
- Ken Bruen

In today’s modern world, it stands as a testament to the human ego’s triumph over commercialism that being a clown still holds the ultimate cachet. And, as John Rickards pains himself to point out, the effects of social capital can be all the more staggering for his generation, one deep in self-contemplation.
- Zadie Smith

Fuck that coke was good.
- James Frey


Sandra Ruttan said...

And James told me he got the coke from Oprah. Oprah/the Ringmaster of Mystery Circus...that James, he just exaggerates all the time.

Ray said...

Ah, but does it change into a nine-year-old Hindu boy?

(Ah crap, like I didn't have enough people visiting the site for "boy"+"fucking"+"Saturday")

Daniel Hatadi said...

Yes, and after that it'll get rid of your wife.

It'll probably change your shorts too, especially after the 'loosener' takes effect.